Problems with live flight connect for joistick

good evening to all guys, I am writing to you because for about a week I have problems with the live flight connect application, for the management of the joysticks for infinite flights, someone has encountered problems with the use of the joysticks in these days ??? thanks for the attention :)

Hey Riccardo!

Liveflight is known to have some small issues especially with connectivity and responsiveness. Could you elaborate a bit on what specific issue you’ve been enoucntering recently? I’ll be able to get you familiar with the current situation of your issue :)

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Hello there!

Very recently, LiveFlight Connect discontinued support for Infinite Flight (26 Feb). Unfortunately, you will have to find an alternative to using LiveFlight Connect.

You can find more about it on their website:

Happy flying!

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You can still use it, they just cannot provide support for it.

Between the wide range of networking variables it is very difficult to troubleshoot.


yes unfortunately I also saw this message, can you give me alternatives to use the joystick ???

Unfortunately, I am no expert with using joysticks with an apple or android device.

However, I do use a joystick with Infinite Flight on the computer with Bluestacks and JoyToKey. This has not worked since the 19.4 update, unfortunately.

What error are you receiving?

Majority of the issues are related to networking firewalls / virus scanners / other network settings.

Both the PC and IF need to be on the same network. One on cellular and one on wifi will not work.

unfortunately the joystick is no longer reactive, the controls are delayed and on liver flight connect the flight data are all wrong, hom tried to reset re-install everything, even the program, but nothing continues to have problems

unfortunately the commands are all late and do not work well, moreover the flight data are wrong, do you have alternatives ???

So you move the stick and there is a delay when it translates back to Infinite Flight?

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exactly, then the flight data are all wrong

I have the exact same issue but not that severe. Can you check if you have a strong internet connection? At times mine becomes unreactive due to the drops in wifi connection.

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The lag you are experiencing is all related to your network.

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so you tell me that it could only be a network problem ??? if it is so … excellent, it can be solved

You may have to do some investigation on your side regarding the network. You may have a firewall that is slowing traffic down. We cannot support your network as every network is different. You need to talk to someone who knows more about your network to assist. It could be as simple as rebooting your router or it could be complicated as firewall, ports, etc. If you are on a slow network to begin with that will slow everything down with the only solution is to get a faster provider.


have been using fiber for a very short time, I installed it just because I wanted a faster network, and up to 3 days ago it didn’t give me any problems, since last night’s down on infinite flights, I can no longer set everything up, now I try how you recommended me to restart everything, thanks chris

Also please check out the FAQ on the page for additional troubleshooting items.

ok chris thank you for your support and assistance,


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