Problems with Liking

Ok so I experienced this only recently…

I click or tap (for both desktop and mobile) on the like button. The heart turns red, but the “1 like” (or anything relevant) doesn’t come out and therefore it isn’t considered as a like…

Anyone suffers from this?

Desktop: Laptop — Acer TravelMate P245M, Windows 10 Home Edition, Build 10586

Mobile: Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016), SM-A310F/DS, Android 5.1.1 Lollipop

Browser (both): Google Chrome


I just tried it on this post. I don’t have that problem ;)

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This happens occasionally… I tried to ignore it but I can’t… I wanna like posts and replies!! 😂


Maybe try to reload the website…

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Trust me, I do that a lot of times lol


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