Problems with landing

I flew the 747-8 yesterday and on landing (not an extreme crosswind landing), I skidded off the runway, which also happened to me with the A340-600. What is the reason for this? I deactivated the separation between the landing gear and elevator in flight and also did not activate it shortly before landing. Did I give too much input to the ailerons or what is the reason?

Can you share the replay so we can get a better understanding of what happened?

You can do so via this website:

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During take offs and landings with strong crosswind, pilots are recommended to pull the yoke down, by this increasing pressure on the nose gear which will improve directional controllability.

Maybe this can help!

He said he didn’t have a strong crosswind which is why I’ve asked for the replay.

OP liked my comment so idk why he hasn’t done what I asked.

I checked his other topics and most of the issues he made topics about he doesn’t reply to or gave up eventually, I don’t know why but hey ho. Bit strange in my opinion but is what it is


I noticed that as well - its a bit rude to be honest. We try to help him and he just doesn’t respond any further than the original post.

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Yeah of course, I find it very ignorant but there’s nothing that can be done, just got to grit your teeth and ignore it

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@Abdullah_Mujaddidy If you could please share your replay file like @BennyBoy_Alpha instructed it would help us to help you and identify the issue. Then you won’t keep drifting off the runway.

Thank you and have a good day/night :)


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Hi, you stated:

The crosswind actually doesn’t have to be so strong to find yourself skidding off the runway.

It’s important to have your nose wheel centered down the runway as you touch down. But also to release rudder just as your nosewheel comes down to contact the runway.

It really helps to practice this over and over again on solo mode, with a cross wind set, using the short final button so that you can keep going back to the start after each try.

So, straighten the direction of your nose as your nose wheel nears the touch down.

But release that rudder pressure just as your nose touches down.

Then, hold forward pressure on the nose as you slow down, to keep the wind from pushing it to the side.

Sounds very helpful, I will test it on my next flight, thank you for the detailed tip!

Uploading the file did not work, no idea why, If the same problem occurs again, I will send the flight recording, I no longer have the one from the previous flight. And sorry for replying so late, I completely forgot about it, and to those who wrote under the post that it is rude or strange that you want to help me but I don’t reply, I apologize for that, this is not usually my style, because I appreciate the help of every single member of this community. I would like to avoid this in the future.

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