Problems with IF on andy android emulator


I know that IF is only for mobile devices.
But I want to try to play IF on my pc with andy the android emulator.
I saw some topics about using IF on andy and it worked.
So I tried it too.
When I first started the app it said update navigation database.
It continued to 68% and then the app crashes.
I tried again and it crashed again.
I already reinstalled the app and deleted the cash…
Can somebody help me?
If this is not possible I totally understand as IF is and will be only for mobile devices.


If you’re app is up to date, and all other software is too, then I think the most likely explanation is that IF does not play well with the emulator, but I have no experience with Andy, so I’ll see if anyone else wants to chime in…

Emulators are not supported by Infinite Flight so you are running it at your own risk.

I used Andy back in the past before global but once the better graphics came out Andy was sort of struggling to keep up. You have to be careful because Andy will constantly install additional apps that fill up your play store library.

Have they updated Andy? Last I looked it was still pretty far behind.

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I’ve tried different emulators for IF one of them being blue stacks which unfortunately was stuck on an older version of android and never exactly worked.

I’ve also tried an emulator on my raspberry PI system, at the time I tried to use it IF would potentially work on it, but newer graphics and increase in usage it doesnt have the potential to run on my PI system.

What I did successfully do is convert my Samsung to a PC! Well not exactly into a PC but close enough!
I have a thread somewhere in this forum explaining how I did it, I’ll find the link

Here is my thread about it.

Probably the closest you’ll get to a PC like experience with IF-

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