Problems with HDG

Is anyone else having problems with HDG? Whenever I turn the HDG on it stays going the same direction and then a few seconds later changes directions by like 15 degrees or so. Does any one else have this problem?

I don’t have the problem.
What do you mean by turning on?

Do you have NAV on? It may be turning and adjusting HDG to match with your flight plan. Also this should be in #support.

I get this a lot, and its quite weird.
To reproduce try going on the final dot thing in solo mode and as soon as you spawn in in the air, hit the heading button. only works at some airports.

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Is approach mode on?
Also I’d like to try can you tell me at what airport it does it.
(One is enough)

I think a video would really help to show what you are seeing.

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In a flight, but once its done I will do so.

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Yes it is on approach mode and I fly in to APA in Colorado with the Citation X.

Just clicking the HDG button.

I think TNCM runway 10 is one, though I can’t be sure.

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If it’s on approach, then the plane turns to get aligned with the runway

It’s not aligning with the runway tho. It’s going 15-20 degrees to either side of the runway.

Just tried.
Apparently the heading is wrong it says you’re heading xyz even tough you’re not and when you press hdg it will turn to heading xyz.
Didn’t find anything to do yet. I’ll keep looking.

Ok thank you! It’s not like it’s a huge thing but it’s just really annoying.

Still don’t know why it does this, but if you wait about five seconds before putting hdg, it doesn’t create any problem.
Here you can see how it suddenly changes:

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  • What are you talking about? The poster is referring to the A/P function HDG. You seem to be on about something completely different.

I know. Basically I think it’s not a problem with autopilot, but with the heading. What happens is that if you go on a straight line and keep looking at heading, it will change. Even if you actually go straight!
Why does this affect hdg autopilot?
Because it will try going at the heading that you select. Wich changes since it’s what your heading is when you click on hdg and that keeps changing for some reason…
Also if you look even the approach heading changes…
I don’t know why and I definitely don’t have the knowledge to know, but I think it could be useful for someone that has that knowledge to find the solution.
I might be totally wrong, but this is my opinion on the problem…

The issue is not with AP heading. The heading on the localizer is showing you the heading of the runway center line. There is a known issue with certain airports showing the incorrect heading for the runway, and this is the heading that approach mode will follow. Until a fix is released, you can figure out if the heading is wrong by looking at the runway number. Runway 17 will have a heading between 165-174. If anything outside of that range is shown for runway 17, you can be fairly sure it’s incorrect, and then you’ll just have to fly visually to the runway

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That’s what I said no…?

It is a problem with the localizer heading, which as I said, is a known issue for some airports. Until a fix is released, I recommend following my work-around for the issue :)

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