Problems with Ghosting

Hi all.
I’m having a problem with 2 Ghosting’s in a few days apart in Expert Server.
I have a sensory processing disorder (meaning I have trouble understanding new information quickly.)
And you are probably thinking, this isn’t the game for you then!

But I love this game. Can I get any advice? I try and follow orders on ATC as quickly as possible. But it’s ending in me getting reported & ghosted.

Thank you,


Maybe try the casual server and get used to the different procedures of ATC. 👍😀
Good luck!

The key to succeeding on the expert server is following the instructions given to you by ATC. That brief statement will get you far. The expert server is not the place to be if you are rushed or in a hurry. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the flow of traffic at the departure airport, the enroute phases, and last but not least the arrival into your destination. Having the extra knowledge on what to expect will make flying on the expert server much easier for not only you but also the controllers that handle the flow of traffic. Hope this helps!


Thank you so much! Every bit of advice helps.

Thanks so much! I’m trying not to get fustrated haha.

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You are so very welcome!

Thanks for the perspective, Laura. We have a really great set of video tutorials that can help users visualize and learn at their own pace. I’d encourage you to check out some of our videos to help you with anything you may not understand just yet!

If you have any questions that you can’t find the answer to please don’t hesitate to contact myself or our knowledgeable Pilot Community Manager, @Mark_Denton.

Welcome to the community!


Fabulous. Thanks a bunch!

If you are more of a verbal person there are groups here that operate voice ATC and are always willing to help and teach @oscar_mur is a great contact if you’re looking to learn about ATC comms and procedures.


I’d suggest flying training sever and look at all of the procedures and how to follow them

Hi Laura. Just wanted to add, in busy airspace, there is a delay between the time you hear an ATC instruction and the time it was actually given, because there are lot’s of commands being sent, back to back, quickly. Don’t listen for instructions, watch the top of your screen where commands from ATC show up instantly, highlighted in orange.


Oh yes. I do tend to forget about that!

I know someone with a (I think) similar issue, they have slow processing. I recommend learning all instructions well so instead of analyisng the command and thinking what to do you immediately know what to do. Make sure to LOOK and not listen to the ATC due to the delay between it being sent and heard. Make sure particularly to memorize the traffic pattern, be proactive not reactive, monitoring aircraft sequenced ahead

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Don’t worry, it all gets easier with experience!

For your next ghosting, I suggest messaging the ATC controller (on this forum) who ghosts you so they can tell you what you made a mistake on. You can find their name on the message you see after you get ghosted.

Best of luck.


Maybe Fly without sound in a pattern so you are looking at your commands and not listening


Adding to this you could just remove ATC sound in options and keep plane sounds


Try jumping in when an individual has posted a time and place that they will be controlling on the training server. More than likely you’ll receive proper control that mimics the expert server due to the fact the controller is in preparation for their upcoming test or has a willingness to try to participate with integrity. Try linking up with them (using private message) prior to spawning in just to maybe give them a heads up and to breifly explain your abilities.

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I do forget that sometimes the airpsace is busy and there is a delay. Great point.

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Hello!! Its nice to see you actively seeking answers regarding your ghosting.

The tips provided are really good and Tyler even shared a youtube link which definitely got me through a portion of IF.

I spent a huge portion on the training server even though i reached a grade allowing access to the expert server. During those time, i was actually paranoid and feared getting a ghosting, i practiced really hard and made sure i know 100% of what i needed to know before entering expert.

So i spent alot of time learning ATC commands and getting feedback from IFATC members, joining session of TS ATCs and learning what i did right or wrong. When i was very sure i started my first flight in expert, it was really scary and i sat at my gate for a really long time going through my personal briefing so as not to screw up.

My first flight went really well and i was never ghosted from expert. I understand what its like to process so much information in such a short time so i opted to take very slow and deliberate steps to make sure i am so ready nothing could possibly go wrong.

I know this is kinda common sense but im writing this with genuine intention to help, if you feel there is even the slightest sense of being less than ready to enter expert, spend a little more time on TS and ask around ^^

All the best on your next expert experience, i hope you continue to improve well and see you in the skies of expert some time =)


Thank you so much for this advise! ☺️