Problems with FPL

Hey guys, this has been happening to me and my friends whenever we copy each other’s FPL.

![image|800x600](upload://256m63F1z5xKKJvwtOXhEKETwv2.jpeg) somehow my Friend copies my FPL but the FPL makes him go a longer distance somehow

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Pretty easy fix, just remove that specific waypoint. It might be because that there are multiple waypoint with the same name so IF might get it confused and choose a farther one.

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Also make sure you press the “NAV” button after turning on the A/P. This will lead your flight path automatically…

Have in mind that one of your “fix” waypoint has the same name, in which there is more than one fix in the map elsewhere. You could’ve chosen the one outside of your planned flight plan.

Example searching waypoint “Charlie”, the result will be displayed all around the world. You must check which option is correct before adding it. Say you want to use the point “Charlie” in the USA region you end up plotting an other “Charlie” somewhere in Asia.

This results your aircraft following this point during your flight. Your flightplan must have a deep gap in one of your fixed points… Make sure not to get mistaken from this.

Thanks a lot!

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