Problems with FPL to IF

Hello IFC!

It has been quite a while now since I have been using FPL to IF and I actually like using it a lot. However, there are some issues I face using it most of the times. I didn’t feel to report or put up a topic about this previously as I thought this issue would be fixed in the coming updates but I am still facing the issue.

When I enter the details to make a flight plan (Aircraft, Departure ICAO, Arrival ICAO, etc), I usually also fill out the passengers and the cargo fields as per my wish (keep in mind that I fill out the Passengers and cargo fields accordingly and not like 17.5 KGs of cargo while making a flight plan for a Dash 8 flight). Then, when I click on the generate flight plan option and when the flight plan and other info loads, I see the passengers count and/or cargo weight to be different than what I entered or as zero KGs. This happens to me all the time when I make a FPL using FPL to IF.

Now I don’t know if this is an bug or that it happens on purpose and I don’t know why, but help with this would be really appreciated :)

And I also want to thank Chris S for making FPL to IF as it helps a lot and comes in handy.

Thanks for the help guys
Have a good day!


You would have to contact the guy who created it and ask him

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I don’t want to because they must be busy with all the 777 testing and other things

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If your kind about it I’m sure they’ll Be happy to help!

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Its an issue with the Simbrief API, the developers aware of it.

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Ohh ok. Any idea when it is going to get fixed?

When Chris gets a chance

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Roger that! Thanks for the help :)

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