Problems with ForeFlight

Is anyone else having problems connecting Infinite Flight with ForeFlight. IF is not showing up on devices in ForeFlight. I have a full ForeFlight subscription. Any help is greatly appreciated. This is very frustrating.

Please add device, device OS, version of IF and if your phone/tablet is/isn´t jailbroken or rooted.

Device is IPad Mini 2 to run IF and iPhone 6 Plus for FF. Both are running iOS 9.2 and are not jail broken.

Are they both on the same network? I would assume the device running Infinite Flight and the other device running foreflight have to be on the same network is both connected go to the network " Johns WiFI "

I’m guessing you have payed for a foreflight subscription and its a current subscription?

When I was working on that feature, it stopped working after a while. Rebooting my router solved the problem.


Thank you. It appears to be an issue with the Verizon router. I have been able to get it working on another router.