Problems with flight

Hello. I have a problem, when I take off and reach 30,000 feet, the Airplane starts to lose speed and, consequently, altitude. what could it be?
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Welcome to the community! Can we get a little more information:

  • Which aircraft are you flying when this happens?
  • What speed are you setting on your autopilot? (I assume you are using autopilot)

Are you taking off with heavy load? Was the climbing too steep?
I suggest not exceeding 2000fpm while above FL300, and start at a lower altitude with heavy load.

As @CaptainSooraj already asked:

  • wich Aircraft ?
    -What was your speed?


  • what was your Climbing rate
  • what was your Total Load
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Your likely to have climbed at a high v/s for your load, it’s best to gradually reduce your v/s at higher altitudes as it requires more power to climb higher. Another good thing is to share your replay so we can see what has happened during the climb once we find a little more information out from the questions above:

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