Problems with fan blades and spinners

Device:Iphone 13 pro max
Operating system: IOS 17.1

Engine model issues relating to fan blades and spinner
Engines affected: GE90 and all its variants, PW4000, Trent 800, 700,and rb211(spinner vanishes when on)

On what aircraft models in game?

This might be a modeling issue or internet issue/ file corruption

I did some research. I this is a known issue. Idk if its being looked into or not. To me this looks like a modeling or loading file isue

The models affected are: 777-200ER/LR/F, 777-300ER, 757-200, A330-300

It seems consistent with other people, looking back at older footage the issue doesn’t appear

Yea i’m pretty sure its a known problem

This is a known issue.
It will be addressed when the new graphics engine is in place.
When that will be the case is unknown at this time.

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