Problems with EDDF

Hi, so this recent update has been great! I just have 1 complaint. At EDDF (Frankfurt am Main) airport, I can’t spawn in on the B748 and A388 through gates A50- A69. Is this just me? Or is it a bug? And how do I fix this?


Are you sure these gates fit the 380 and 748 in real life?


Gates A50-A69 were built for the B747 and A380s.

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I just checked Google Maps and made some measurements.
These gates are only 54m wide (A69) and 61m (A50). With the wingspan of the 747-8 being 68m and the A380 being 80m, I seriously doubt that 747-8 and A380 come to these gates very often.

However, if they were made for these two aircraft, maybe the cargo loading carts should be removed from the sides of the gate otherwise the wings of aircraft would hang over them, never good.


Probably something like when they use these gates for bigger aircraft then the gates next to them won’t be used by anything bigger than an A321


I think the problem is because of the cargo carts, may it be in IF or in real life…
But fro additional safety, yes you must be right!

Thanks for asking, Gate A54 to Gate A66 should be category F.

This will be fixed in next update.



Question: aren’t Gate A50-A69 supposed to be Z gate? Z gate are for heavies and A gates for small aircraft on the lower level for bus shuttle service?

Will be fixed in the next update. Thanks for the report!