Problems with Download

Her guys,
At First i Hope you all will Understand my english 😂😂

I have Live+, but After The Update all Airport Are updated, that means i Must all regions “Download again” i Know its free for live + but that isnt The Problem, i Downloaded all regions again, and only ONE ~> oshkosh Will Not Be Downloaded to The end -.- i still have 92/93 % for 5 min, if i Go back and Download it again, only to 93%, if i restart IF and Download again, only to 93%…
St First i was thinking about The free Space at my iPad, but i still have 20GB left
Any Ideas?!

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here is one picture

Check your storage, if it is full then clear some of it.

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Do you have enough storage to download it? The update did add two new planes so your device memory could have gone down.

Guys… 20GB is enough.


Delete the app and re-install it.

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Her mates, thanks for all your help But it doesnt help. I had re installed it, Downloaded everything again, only oshkosh is still at 93% i thiught doesnt matter, i Control now… After my 1hour Session i Sent back to fly and i See, oshkosh is available… I dont Know why, but doesnt matter now. Great help By @Carson via slack, He helped me so much 😉

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