Problems with connecting to fly online

Can somebody help me ? Would be very nice ! Thank you
My Problem is that I can`t fly online or I do not know how that works?!
In the app I pressed FLY ONLINE and than GOOGLE but it loaded and loaded and nothing happened ? What can I do better ?
Tahnk you

Hi there! Usually this can be fixed by resetting your router, closing Infinite Flight and rebooting your device.

Just to update, in order to fly on the servers you would need a Pro Subscription and an internet connection. Have you purchased a subscription?

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I don´t think so.
How can I buy it ?

Go to your local store and buy some itunes / google play gift cards.
Then redeem them on the store (appstore or google play).
Then go to Infinite Flight then onto multiplayer and purchase multiplayer.

Prices (US)

$9.99 for 1 month
$49.99 for 6 months
$79.99 for 1 year

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But when I press online fly there only appears no account founded and Nothing to buy ?

Which version of Infinite Flight do you have installed? You can find this in the About section in the app.