Problems with Community

I don’t like most of these rules in this game. I hate that you have to search to see if a topic was already made before you make it. Why does it matter. It’s not like I’m copying everything he is. I hate that you have to put the comment in the categories they’re in. Why does it matter. I hate that all the developers always flag or take down my comment because they don’t like it. Heck, they’ll probably flag or close this topic too. Because they don’t like it. You NEED to change stuff or I won’t be on community


in all honesty, the reason for rules is because these threads take up space. its best to keep recurring topics to a minimum. Threads being placed into categories makes it easier to find. the flagging I do agree on, I hate it.

TO ALL THOSE ABOUT TO POST ON THIS THREAD: Please do not come on here to bash him because he has an opinion, many of you do that.


I couldnt agree more. But they are just pilots u know. Bound to certain rules & regulations. Dont hate them ya… Peace.

The one I hate the most is that they always flag specifically my topic every time


Because they didn’t like it

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its not your topic only bro, they flag if something is or could be offensive although I feel some users do abuse that flag button.

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If you make a topic people can discuss and that is following community rules then it wont be taken down. If you don’t like the community rules and keep ignoring them why do you use this forum?

This is not a game…its a forum.

All forums have their own rules and regulations


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Friend, you can like it or not, but those are the rules, free to decide whether to stay or not. you’ll see that when you get used to it you will like!
Happy landings!
P.s. do not be so rude!


I don’t see any problem here, this is how we work and progress everyday. If you don’t like the community by silly reasons, just stop passing by here.


of course you say that. They flag and close my comments EVERY TIME

Because maybe your comments are offensive, off topic or simply not helpful.


You know I have the power to rate this 1 star and give it a bad comment 100 times so that the rating will go down and no one will want to buy the game right? That’s my next step

That’s probably because they don’t follow the rules. If you follow the rules, no issue 😊

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The rules are stupid

Would you care to elaborate? We are happy with any feedback. You can PM me if you would like?🙂

I will. Once the sales go down. Bye. Happy landings👋

this is very important. Everyone should have the freedom of posting any opinion. I stop doing it as I got tired of being mass attacked by app fans every time i gave an opinion.

I believe the most important variable here is age. We have a majority of kids and a general average that should be around 16 years. Im 35, i think differently and that’s my personal conflict with community on how everything is managed. But accepted it and learned how to enjoy app in another way. Don’t get frustrated and leave, just try to learn how to survive.


I’m sorry you don’t like the rules, but there’s a reason why we have them.

An important thing you need to remember that this is a forum, and has different etiquette to that of most social media platforms you will be familiar with (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). One important part of this is the category system - forums are organised by design, which is why posts are put into correct categories.

I suggest you have a quick read over the forum etiquette post I made a while back:

I’ll tell you from experience, you’re more likely to get a good outcome from a feature request if it isn’t a duplicate (which is why we close duplicates, and encourage users to search). It’s easier to find an existing feature request, comment on it, and give it more exposure. The developers are more likely to notice it than thousands of posts on the same topic.

And flags aren’t directed at you - make sure you follow the rules of each category in order to avoid receiving flags (and you’re not the only user that receives flags, by the way) :)

You may find the rules stupid, but it’s the only way to keep this place working nicely, as other mods and long time users will agree. We value feedback, but remember that there is a reason as to why we have the rules in place that are here today.