Problems with calling inbound

I had no problems when starting out and when I called inbounds I always got cleared and landed and was go to go. But lately when I’m calling inbound I will get cleared for landing but when I’m getting closer I’ll get a call from flight tower saying I’m in a active airspace and contact tower. I’ll radio back in callling inbound and get cleared again. As I’m getting closer I’ll get another call from flight tower saying I’m in a active airspace call tower. There’s been a few times the second call is tower asking for my intentions right after they cleared me, either in flight or as soon as I land. Is there something I’m not calling in for? I’ll ask for certain runways sometime to try and clear it up, I get approved and clear for landing but it’ll happen again. It dosnt happen everytime though.

Wich server are you talking about?

Maybe the tower controllers are having connectivity issues. Were you able to see if it was actually the same controller each time? As in the same user. I had a full clearance to land and the controller lost connection and someone else jumped in, I basically had to repeat everything. Stuff happens.

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This happens a lot on the TS servers. Usually it is due to a controller change where a new controller logs in and see the aircraft.

The other thing could be where you are in an overlapping airspace and the controller at the tower you are NOT landing out thinks you are in their airspace, this happens more on TS servers.

What server was this on

On the training servers controllers will quit and new folks will jump in, sometimes creating confusion for the pilots.

I once had a (jumping-in) controller give me a new runway assignment while I was on final from the last (rage-quitter) controller’s instructions. Since I was 500’ AGL and fairly committed, I ignored him and landed safely.

If I am assuming control of a tower, I like to wait a full minute or two and just have a hard look at what’s going on before peppering fliers with radio traffic.

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Training server 1. The busy one. And it’s been the same operator.

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