Problems with ATC

Hi, recently I tried to be ATC in KLAX at Training Server but When I tried I cant Talk to the airplanes`and nothing, Only see

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Can you provide us a screenshot of your grade status, that’ll help a ton ;)

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I am Grade 2, I cant upload the screenshot, I dont know why

When responding to me, you’ll see something in the bottom right corner called upload, tap that, choose either from file or choose photo, pick either and it’ll upload, but make sure you wait until you see the picture so you respond with something saying uploading ;)

here a photo of when its happend

This is because someone has taken tower before you, thus, your an observer, not an ATC. You’ll have to wait until that person is done controlling, or control somewhere else ;)


here of my grade

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But when I finished the ATC and restart the game, the place was vacant and I tried and I cant

Try deleting and reinstalling the app itself, than try again :)

Just wait for sometime and don’t touch anything on your screen after you spawn… if that doesn’t work, reinstall IF…
If it still doesn’t work, well I can’t help you… ☺


This is not solution

Only server reset can help you. This is not “observer mod”, when is pbserver mod there is written (Obs), as you have (…) problem is on sever with your acount, not on your device. If you have other device you will have some problem on other device.

It has happened to me many times and what I did worked!

What can I do? I spent my last 2 days trying everything, How can Reset my server?

Well, I was five days without ATC, and then all three servers crashed down, so after server reset it come back. Try to conntact some Mods or Devs.

I dont know any mods, can you said me one? So I can contact

Henrik, Carson, Misha and Cameron are all great and very easy guys to talk to, try them :)

That isn’t correct. He is in observer mode. A server reset will literally put things into more of a mess.

He is not in Observer mode. If he is in observer mode there will be (Obs), he has (…). Believe me, I have some experience with it