Problems with ATC?

Delete if in the wrong catagory. Has anyone else had any issues today while being ATC of people spawning in as Unknown as well as ATC transmissions not going through?

Hello, this is usually due to connection issues. I would make sure your connection is stable. Because you are seeing it with multiple aircraft I can only assume it’s your own connection.

Sounds like it’s got something to do with your internet. Make sure to get near to you’re router or ethernet. Or you can restart your internet and device to try and improve connection.

My internet connection is actually really good and it happens on both wifi and phone LTE which is really good and a good verizon network. Seems like its been horrible today and just curious.

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Hasnt happened before just really sucks when im trying to practice for IFATC and people do what they want cause they cant hear me.

Hmmm. You might want to try restarting your phone or if anything re-install the app if it’s a problem with the game. Keep trouble-shooting until it’s working better.

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