Problems with ATC and pilots behaviour

Same here!

Amen! Say it louder!

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Happened to me on the training server. I was at KLAX and gave a plane clearance for 25R they proceeded to follow their own agenda and land into oncoming traffic on 7L

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Exactly. The training server should be for training, and not just people who want to fool around.

Absolutely!!! Couldn’t agree more!

ATC controllers on the game can literally be jerks sometimes. It’s like waking on eggshells to follow their instructions. For example; they’ll have you join an approach pattern, forgot about you, and then have you flying further and further away. Then, you’ll ask for vectors and they’ll say “avoid sending duplicate messages” or ghost you for “spamming the frequency”. I love flying into busy airports when ATC is there but it’s truly a gamble. One wrong move and they’ll report you instead of giving clear instructions. ATC on the game is often impatient and incoherent. They’ll toss you around to different frequencies, hand you off to the tower at the LAST minute and tell you to “please follow instructions” when you literally ARE doing just that. They don’t care if you’ve been flying for 15 hours; they’ll ruin your XP and access to Expert Server with a violation in a heartbeat after telling you to “please check the user guide for help using ATC instructions” when THEY are the ones who need help GIVING instructions. Bottom line, some controllers are cool, and others are just plain jerks who can’t handle the pressure of dealing with a LOT of inbound aircraft. @Airman_Jayy back me up on this 😂


Only when you think that you are really not able to follow instructions don’t

True true. I’ve seen that before.

The KSFO fly in had a lot of that action


Aviate, Navigate and Communicate!!!

The SFO fly in was well done at times because of the amount of controllers but other times it was a nightmare.

Yeah I give it to them for running it fluently but when they brought up the fly in circles over Buchanan a lot pilots (including me) or maybe just me haven’t heard that command and proceeded like headless chickens. Instead of mass reporting they handled it like pros! Kudos to them but I also give it to them for the sheer amount of pilots that showed up. (P.S. when given the circle Buchanan command I did donuts in my current spot 😂 we learn through mistakes)

I can attest to this I was taxing to RWY 25R at Lax. Ground told me to contact twr when ready I switched to twr because I was the 2nd in sequence to takeoff. Then ground said “I’m at a active airport please contact ground” I did that then twr told me the same so I went back to twr. Ground kept on calling on me but I’m next in line to takeoff. The ground controller give me a level 2 violation. These controllers are taking these jobs and don’t know how to work it. The controllers need to do a better job.

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There’s your reason. Training server is a free-for-all server where pilots can do as they please as IRL rules are not forced upon players. I would recommend getting used to this and not making a raging topic every time someone disobeys you on the training server, yes i agree with you it is very annoying but i mean it’s flooded with players who have just come from the casual server, what do you expect? Just try your best to get airports with sparse amounts of players, they are less likely to disobey the rules. (aka don’t go to KLAX, EGLL or KJFK)

Cheers! :)

Totally wrong, however I completely understand your frustration. I’ve been there, done that and I have just had to learn how to ignore those types of people even though its hard.

IFATC is definitely your solution…

Happy controlling, and good luck if and when you decide to apply to IFATC! I am too busy with IRL flight training to be a part of that program, otherwise I would’ve applied months ago!

Hm, that might be something you can discuss with the controller. I would wonder if this can’t be removed by the appeals team.
Keep in mind controllers are human, no bots. Best deal as always in life is to talk to each other. Give it a try!

I totally get you I have had the experience with some hard headed pilots that if im using for example runway 28L for take off in KSFO they will want to use 28R and dosnt matter how many times you tell them they will keep saying the same message until they get tired and just do whatever they want at that point i just leave i hate it I know some pilots are kids and are just for fun but please just keep it real I wish we could report them for not following instructions but sadly we cant

It’s the training server, don’t expect realism there

I completely agree with all said above on the thread and respect the ATC instructors and of course I love the realism it gives on the flight experience, but when the ATC is completely wrong and makes critical mistakes what can I do in these situations? Is there somewhere I can mention the incident?


I’m sorry you had this experience on Training. I understand it can be irritating as a trainee controller.

I strongly suggest opening up other airports apart from KLAX, EGLL and the like, and making an ATC tracking thread and inviting people to join when you open up airports. You can read more about how to do that in the topic below. And maybe one day, you can sign up for IFATC and control Expert, where users are far more serious. :)

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