Problems with ATC and pilots behaviour

I was wondering about making this topic (probably already exists) but i’m a bit sick of the stupid behaviour of some (lots, in fact) of pilots when i’m running as ATC.

So this is basically a message to all pilots here : WHEN THE ATC GIVE YOU INSTRUCTIONS, YOU HAVE TO DO WHAT THEY SAY !!!

I mean, for now i play only on training serv, and there’s a lot of people who apparently don’t know how to read cause it’s always written on the screen before you start the flight : you have to listen and respect the requests given to you by the ATC.

So to the bunch of pilots who seems to don’t know what they’re doing with ATC, here’s a list of things i’m tired to see :

  • Using the wrong frequence : Seriously dudes, don’t you know the difference between “departure” and “approach” ? The airports with controllers are usually the busiest ones, so don’t make their work more difficult by tuning to a frequence already busy, which is even the wrong one
  • Tuning to a frequence miles away : Same as precedent. If you’re too far away from an ATC zone, just don’t tune to it. There’s no point on doing that, you will be off screen, and just adding stress to a controller already busy. Same if you’re not going through the center you’re tuned to.
  • Leaving/ask fro frequency change before you should : I’ve seen a diagram showing which frequency you should be tuned to depending to your altitude : above 18000 ft, you must be tuned to the Center you’re in. Between 5000 and 18000, you must tune to Approach/Departure. And below 5000 ft, you’re in Tower’s hand. SO STOP LEAVING MY FREQUENCY OR ASK ME TO CHANGE WHEN YOU’RE STILL AT 10000, JUST WAIT FOR ME TO GIVE YOU THE CLEARANCE.
    -Not listening to ATC : And this is the biggest point of this topic. Why in the world you guys don’t listen to ATC ? ATC isn’t here to bother you, it’s here to make sure you fly and land safely on the appropriate runway. So stop trying to be jackasses who just want to follow their FPL, if the ATC gives you vectors, you follow them, you’re not the only one in the sky, and the controllers are here to make the traffic safe with the minimum of delays. The ATC knows what’s good for you. You don’t. So listen to them, and do what they asks. Even if it’s not what you’ve planned, there’s probably a good reason for the ATC’s requests.

And also, as i’ve played a lot as an Approach controller, stop trying to land on longer runways, those ones are for take offs.


Wrong, wrong and wrong.

It’s the pilot in command’s responsibility to request Amendment or to deny an instruction if they deem it to put themselves or the aircraft at a safety risk.

Don’t let ATC tell you what to do, it’s your airplane and you are PIC


Also remember that many of the pilots you see online may not know fluently the difference between a radar, approach and tower. Some members may be learning to fly and may not have the same experience as those who are familiar with procedures…


Yes but usually, they deny my entries to just land on the opposite side of an active runway, just because they’re too lazy to change their FPL.

That’s not what i call safety

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Fair enough. However in my second comment, most members will be learning and so they may not understand the implications of those who ‘fly by the book’ or ‘as close to real life procedures’ as can be :)

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For example on a instruction from ATC to a VFR pilot to climb n maintain 3000ft. However this puts the pilot into cloud (Instrument Meteorológical Conditions). Now the PIC can respond with “Unable comply due VFR”

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That is facts right there. Infinite Flight is a Simulation Game and not all aviation enthusiasts are experts in ATC knowledge or in Pilot skills. They just love aviation and they try to enhance their knowledge by playing IF.


If u want realism, come fly with me in England, United Kingdom 😉

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I’ve personally seen countless topics related to this: Your best bet is to simply apply for IFATC. Even then, we still come across some pilots that are struggling to interpret specific instructions. You truly can’t get mad, the server is literally named “training server” for a specific reason. Everyone is learning, others are just enjoying the ability to fly and express their love for aviation.


Yh that’s true, that’s also why i’m making this post, to enhance their knwoledge of what to do and don’t do

Yh but i mean, there’s also written, each time you start a flight, that you have to “listen to ATC”

So if you’re goal is just to ignore ATC instructions, just go to casual


I mean, again, its training dude. Nobody can really enforce this sort of stuff. If you want to get the full experience of being a controller, I highly suggest you apply to IFATC. It’s nothing personal towards you if they don’t “listen” or “follow commands.”

I’m sure we’ve all started there at some point, maybe even you (ignoring ATC, not listening…etc). Point being: Just use the server to practice and familiarize yourself with the controls, and when you feel you’re ready, send over an application.

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The game remains… a game. Face it or not you can’t force players to pass a pilot exam for a game. The only thing to do is to give them a fluent path to expert by passing casual, TS and final arriving at ES. And as mentioned above, not every pilot will ever be familiar with each section of the manual, even if you want them to be.

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Yh that’s true too, but i mean, it will not costs their life to accept the vectors i give them, to not tune off of my frequency when they just should stay, etc.
It’s also training to fly with ATC, and in mosts of case, you should listen to what controllers says

But i’ve never ignored ATC

I understand what you mean, but there’s literally nothing anyone can do about it. Scolding people on forum isn’t really going to change anything. No need to call anyone “jackasses” because they’re not following instructions on a server where nothing is enforced. Just work with those who happen to comply with you, and if there are those that don’t, oh well.

Since you are flying on the Training Server, you should lower your expectations on having a professional atmosphere. I’m not saying that all TS controllers and pilots are bad, I just want to point out that TS is there to learn and to make mistakes you shouldn’t do at the Expert Server.

My advice is that if you’re looking for quality ATC and decent pilots, fly on the Expert Server. IFATC members are qualified to deal with this kind of pilots and situations where an experienced controller decisions are fundamental. If you can’t access the Expert Server due to rank requirements, my only advice for you is to be patient and keep working your way up.


Because it’s the training server it’s basically free-for-all.
TBH this might get worse now because ATC schedule is gone and to avoid ATC but maintain the speed limits you can only go to training.

I know ATC are crucial to the game experience and work extremely hard to provide a realistic and safe experience but sometimes I does feel like a bother. For example just today as I made my approach into Dubai I checked ATIS 30 minutes beforehand but when I and was 3nm from the runway the the tower controller told me to make left turns and land on the opposite side of the runway. I followed his/her instructions regardless of how I felt but can you see how this can be quite frustrating.

TS or ES? On training I literally ignore ATC sometimes.

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So true but the problem is that if you don’t listen to ATC on the game, your risk getting reported and losing access to the expert server