Problems with APPR

I was inbound for KIAH which had very poor visibility so I used APPR which I tend rarely use. I aligned myself on the ILS and selected APPR and the nose pitched up to the point where I was completely perpendicular to the ground and I stalled. Luckily, I had enough altitude to recover but is there a way to solve this? From my perspective I didn’t do anything wrong.


Here’s a tutorial on it


I’ve watched this before and followed it exactly and it still happens. I’ve used APPR before and I’ve never had this problem when using it correctly.


Maybe you should calibrate

That tutorial should be very helpful. My suspicion is that you were too low on the glide-slope and APPR wanted to get you back on track. It pitched you up, and caused you to stall. It’s always a good idea to have the arrow pointing to the little rectangle on the right side of your HUD before turning on APPR (or at least close to there).

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Like I said I was completely aligned both on the glide slope and localizer. It may have possibly been my speed which was 150 knots with flaps 3. I was in an a320.

Are you 100% sure you had the right ILS approach selected?

Yes. I had it for runway 08R at KIAH. Fully aligned.

I’ll rewatch the tutorial to make sure everything that I did was correct.

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The only other thing I can think of is ensuring that you were keeping an eye on your speed. APPR doesn’t control that so if you for any reason weren’t watching it that could have been problematic. Depending on your weight you may have also wanted to have flaps full. That’s about all I can think of on this one. Good luck

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The autopilot was controlling my speed. I honestly don’t know what I did wrong If i was completely established on the localizer, flying runway heading and had speed controlled by A/P using correct flaps. Could it possibly be because I turned final at about 7-8nm rather than a complete straight-in? And I only added enough fuel for that specific flight which was from KMIA, about 2 hours.

Look APPR in IF isn’t the greatest because it should be way easier but APPR isn’t needed unless at night or low view so just fly it by hand

Can you take a screen shot of when you are “fully aligned”? We may be able to see something.

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The only time I use APPR is in low visibility and in this case visibility was less than 1sm.

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So if you hit APPR here it pitches up? Ideally you want to be a little below the localizer when you enable APPR.

Which plane are you in?

Yes and I’m in an a320.

i have also had this problem


I did the same thing you did but I did not encounter the problem that you did . As I was set up on the glidescope and localizer and engaged the APPR function it worked just as it should have. It did not yank up. There may be a problem with your calibration or something :(

One thing I found when using this function is to ensure you’re slightly above the GS (triangle below optimal path). Another thing I found is to match the VS of the glide, in other words before activating APPR ensure you maintain the VS of the glideslope. If you’re descending at an excessive rate when selecting it; expect a radical change as APPR mode will react to slow your descent rate.