Problems With an A318 Livery

I recently noticed that this A318 picture from the plane selection screen had different winglets than when it was actually being used in-game…interesting.

Photo of A318 in selection menu, with sharklet.

Photo of SAME A318 livery in game, but this time, it has a regular winglet.

Hopefully the pictures are clear. I think that maybe when they did the cockpit rework or something they mixed up the winglets, or maybe it was an error from the beginning. It is not a big deal, but it seems like an easy fix, so I figured it was worth mentioning.


It seems to be the same issue. Like you said, not a big deal. It will be fixed whenever possible most likely. 👍

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Interesting that they got these things wrong, but I guess nobody’s perfect.

Just saw that the engines are also different!

Yeah, the devs know about it. They’ll fix it whenever they can.

But obviously, the 20.2 update (77W) and other things such as Project Metal are their priorities. It is certainly one of my favorite liveries, too, but I don’t really pay attention to the issue.

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