Problems with airports

Another problem I have is that when I fly to a destination airport, I notice that the airport, 3D or not, is not visible in the game or is not projected. But when I fly back to the starting airport, it is projected normally. Why does Infinite Flight generally have problems for me at the moment. It can’t be my phone, it must be the operator itself or the game itself. There should be urgently inquired about it. Are there any members of our community with similar problems?

Hello, sorry you are experiencing some issues. Can we gather some more details from you. Did you see these same 3D airports just fine before the release of 23.3? Are you experiencing any connectivity issues with your internet or cellular service provider when approaching an airport? Also, are you using a VPN by chance?

I always turned off the internet when flying to save battery. Even before version 23.2 was released, I couldn’t always see the 3D airports and non-3D airports unless I was taking off and landing from/at the same airport. I never actually had any problems with the internet in this regard until now.

Do you mean you turn down your screen brightness to save battery? You would need to maintain an internet connection throughout the whole flight so that you can receive weather data, scenery, and airports. Things like other players aircraft, satellite imagery and 2D/3D airports are streamed to your device so the internet connection is required.

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I would like to take this opportunity to add another problem: Recently it has happened to me sporadically that at the beginning of the descent or when an aircraft turns to the right or left during the descent to get to the new course, the aircraft (for example A321) rocks back and forth.

And another problem I have is that during night flights there are somehow weird light transitions, I can send you a screenshot if you like.

Die roten Streifen die ich gemacht habe, markieren jeweils die Übergänge zu den seltsamen Lichtverfärbungen, denn auf dem Screenshot sind diese leider nicht erkennbar. Die Übergänge sind zum einen in einen hellgrauen und dann in einen dunkelgrauen Bereich. Wenn man in die Außenansicht im Flug den Nachthimmel betrachtet, dann sieht dieser gesamte andersfarbige Bereich aus wie ein riesiger Bogen.

The developers and beta testers are tracking an issue with the A/P however it’s a really tricky one that isn’t easily reproduced. Hopefully the are able to narrow it down to push a fix.

Which device and operating are you using? Can you reproduce this issue at certain time frames? A screenshot could be helpful, a video would work even better so that we can pass it along to the developers.

Your screenshot where you have the red lines appears to be atmospheric hue which is expected if there are clouds present and/or a recent sunrise or sunset is occurring.

The bigger issue in your screenshot is the connection to the live servers which I mentioned previously with your airports and scenery not loading. I drew a yellow circle around the server status icon.

Are you using cellular service or WiFi?

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