Problems with airplane sound

The sound of the planes is disappearing when it is going to land, this is very annoying.This came after I updated the version of my Android system to 7.1.1

I don’t know if this is an Android issue itself, but We may need a bit more detail on this situation. Say, what happened before this particular incident? (Not including the recent update)

Have you already tried reinstalling the app? Updating the software can cause some problems if you have installed the app from the previous version.

The sound of the aircraft is simply disappearing when you make the landing.

This is very annoying and I am very sad about this happening.

Could you please answer the question from my previous reply?

I did everything that you imagine, very strange and this is my first problem with Infinite Flight. I’ve never had problems, and that’s first.

See if this post can help you. Sometimes you have to reinstall because of corrupt files

I already did it but it did not solve anything, the problem always comes back.

Have you ensured your sound isn’t on mute?

Yes, I already checked everything.

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