Problems with Aircraft Tracking thread that I'd like to address

There’s one word that can summarize the issue with a tracking thread. "Maturity". It is in unavoidable circumstance that most of the player base is that of a younger generation and the self control is often over looked.

Don’t get me wrong that the younger generations are a bad thing by any means as it appears that its the largest source of revenue for FDS. But when it comes to a tracking thread, that generally where the line is crossed. And its noticeable.


@Delta350 You weren’t the only one. You can’t take blame for it just because you tried to help… You’re fine

  • 99% of the issues could be solved if people would actually read the original post AND the responses. Its your own fault to participate in a 500+ post thread if you dont take the time to read it.
  • Instead of replying to someone to point out what they did wrong, click the flag and send them a personal message.
  • The reason we delete/close posts speculating on release dates is because it instantly creates 20 respones of people replying “you dont know that”. Nobody knows when items will be released until there is an OFFICIAL announcement.
  • The orignal posts states the purpose of the thread. There are feature requests for asking for new features.

Lets keep this thread on topic too. Please dont turn it into a venting thread.


Yes, that is true, but no one likes to listen. I always like to read the first post to understand what the topic is about. I only post if I decide it’s a good post.

Sorry about that dude, will try not to again

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I was guilty of attempting to stop off commenting and unfortunately I realized that it didn’t stop my fault for not realizing that flagging would prob be best in the situation. It was a great learning experience of what to do and not do in the future

It was not just you but also me

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I made this topic so I can let people see an Issue that I see for Tracking Threads, not about you talking about how you’re guilty.

I’d like to hear people’s opinion about my first post.

For the next person saying it’s their fault, no it isn’t. No one is at fault here

You can carry on now

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We could make tracking threads perm closed and regulars add things to the wiki when they are added. People can go on it daily to see what has been added.

Maybe even it could have a weekly and daily update for regulars to edit, eg

Daily Update

The topic got closed because you guys are offtopic

Weekly update
  • The Lufthansa 747 new livery has been added
  • The Air Canada CRJ thingy was added.

Not sure if this is possible, but maybe lock posting to TL3, but everyone can view. It seems like the purpose of the tracking thread should be to post updates, but everyone really either goes off topic or says how great the photos look. Most posts could be ommitted and just emphisized with a “like”.


That would be possible. Last I checked, the moderators can close a topic, but regulars can still edit a wiki inside it.

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IMO, Mods should be the only ones allowed to post on tracking threads. It worked so well when it was just @DeerCrusher and @MishaCamp running the tread. We had confirmed things only, no off topic comments, and if that’s what is takes, then they have my full support.


Only mods should pin, close, and edit tracking threads every time they feel like something significant has been previewed

Too many people argue about whether or not something is off-topic. Please, leave that to the mods.

People trying to play hero and act like mods on tracking threads is only contributing to the problem.
Why are we, collectively, as a family, trying to act like something that we’re not?

It may not be an appropriate thought to have but when I go through the forums, the thought that runs through my mind the most is “Who do these people think they are?”

Sure you can go ahead and argue that they are only trying to help the mods out, and I respect that statement; it is a valid argument to make. BUT has the forum gotten any better because of normal users acting like mods? Has the quality of these tracking threads improved at all (If you ask me, it has gotten worse and worse)?

“The first step in solving a problem is recognizing there is one (Will McAvoy, The Newsroom)

What I’m sick of seeing is that every time someone post something supposedly off topic it’s not the mods deciding it’s off topic it’s just peope usually like 3 at the same time telling someone there off topic. Like idk maybe we need a thread to just discuss the update because you can’t even do that in the tracking one because apparently that’s off topic.

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Although I agree with some of the recommendations here we’ve had other successful threads especially the Global Thread and Beta Tracker threads that successfully withstood the test of time having over 10,000 posts. The community has grown immensely over the last year and so has activity. With that activity comes more irrelevant posts, signs of ignorance and the lack of restraint from some folks.



I completely agree with your statement. The point of my argument, however, is not people acting out and breaking forum rules, but rather people trying to play the role of moderators.

I am not the only one who doesn’t like the idea of people acting as mods; there’s been an entire thread about this.

People acting out is inevitable at this stage because of the rapid growth. New users are coming in every day and all of them will not understand what this forum’s about until they’ve picked up on many key rules.

People acting like mods can sometimes show superiority and inferiority to a certain extent as well. These actions will be insulting to many of the new users coming in, leading them to act out even more.
Again, @B_locke has the right idea

Maybe superiority and inferiority are too strong of a word choice to use but hopefully, you will sort of get my message.

This thread supports my observation and statement that people in fact, are against others who try to act like moderators


This is one of the things that turned me off from becoming active on the forum. Looking from the outside in, it is very hard to feel confident in something you posted when your new, it’s just so strict, then if you make a mistake you have 5 people replying saying your off topic.

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I agree with most of your points you pointed out. Except for this one,

Like @antek has said above, (I personally don’t want to say this) but these “Please Stay On Topic” comments are more annoying to me compared to ordinary off topic comments. When someone slightly veers off topic, he will get bombarded by tons of people saying “Please Stay On Topic” which is unecessary in my opinion and make the Off Topic even worse.

Like moderators have said in the linked tracking thread, instead of saying “Please Stay On Topic” which is unecessary and even make it worse as it clogs the thread, It would be better if you flag it and let moderators do the rest. Just my humble opinion from my point of view as I think it’s already the time to voice it out (Some of my friends have experessed the same issue, too).


I have no issue with people going offtopic. Open discussion is what leads this forum and I always take part!

I do have an issue when someone says something overnight and 20 people respond (This is 10+ Hours after something gets released)… Then I get all excited that theres all of these comments just to find that someone asked “When is it going to be released” and got 19 different answers! There is really no need to even respond to these people as they never read the top

Now I know that I do this alot aswell but… - PM the person and dont add to the "Off/On Topicness!
We all want to get alot of likes and think “Im so amazing” when you would be doing the same thing if you PM’ed him (You just wouldnt get the outside support).

Lets all try doing it though, When someone asks a “Not Needed” question on the CRJ Tracking Thread… Flag it and PM the person with a response. As it shouldn’t take 10 likes on that response to feel good about helping people… Its about helping people that should make you feel good inside.

Do you guys agree with me / Will you guys do this if/when the Tracking Thread gets opened by Momma Bear? ;)

My suggestion is:

  • let the mods post, mods here are mostly online 24/7 so they can have notifications (on Instagram and such) and update ASAP so everyone could know. – if they post, i’d suggest to remove all other posts without any confirmation/pictures
  • Instead of them posting, lets just have the original post only and edit everything into it. (or the mods can only edit)

All those “Thank you FDS” “Thank you for [XYZ Livery]” can be given with a like to the post/topic/review on the stores