Problems with Aircraft Tracking thread that I'd like to address

Before you flag this (Or before a Mod closes this topic), please hear me out on this, as I’d like to address my concern as a Member of this community about these topics. Thank you :)

Ok, I’d like to address an issue I’ve been seeing with Tracking Threads, and it’s mainly the Tracking threads.

Tracking thread that has an issue regarding Irrelevant content

Here is a Tracking Thread. As you can see, Moderators constantly have to Moderate this thread due to people either going off topic, or making arguments and putting irrelevant content in the thread.

What seems to be happening

This topic has been closed more than 3 times already, which I think is too much. This is due to how members (Everyone) seems to always end up posting something that is off topic, causing a Chain Reaction of other users to post other off topic content as well. Some users (Mostly Regulars) will attempt to stop the Off Topic content as best as they can, and I thank you for trying. I myself have attempted once, and didn’t seem to work.

Moderators have to remind us to slow down or to stop talking about content not related to the Main Topic. Of course, when the Developer (Laura or other staff) release something other than the main objective (In this case the CRJ update, which has now included other airliners with various liveries), we will post it on the topic that was only meant for the CRJ update. Moderators will either be okay with it, or they will say to not post something not related to what is being developed.

Moderators are here to be helpful and to moderate our behaviour in this Community. But they are not babysitters. This is the reason why topics like this always get closed because we somehow make a topic derail and then someone has to take measures to stop it such as Closing a Topic Permanently, or for a certain amount time.

What I propose

We as a community should try and tone down the Off Topic conversations, As I Personally don’t want this topic to end a future Tracking Topic due to the History of how many people decided to post off topic conversations in a thread meant to track a new aircraft or feature of the game.
We should Treat Each other with Respect and Dignity. We are all human, and we all obviously make mistakes, but if we continue to do this, We may no longer have the ability to create Future Tracking Threads due to the history of people posting off topic content.

I’d also recommend that if it does happen to go this way, that Moderators make a Tracking Thread In which only Moderators or higher will update the community of new content if a new Feature or Aircraft is announced

As Chris_S said:

We can’t have nice things if we constantly Argue or make things go from bad to worse.

Let’s all try and make this community a more better place by at least toning down the Off Topic Conversation so that the Moderators don’t always have to Moderate us so much.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and I thank the Moderators for always trying to keep things civil in this community :)


I agree with what you say. Great idea, by the way, regarding only mods updating features on IFC. Hopefully, the community will learn a lesson with this post and with @Chris_S closing the thread momentarily.


I fully agree with your proposition. The challenge is getting everyone to obey these.


This same message has been regurgitated over and over again across the community, but doesn’t suffice in terms of being realistic. People will go off-topic no matter what, because we just have some folks on the community who don’t comprehend the meaning of “stop going off-topic.” Yeah, it’s unfortunate that they keep being closed, but in order to prevent off-topic conversations, they must remain closed.

I personally liked it better when mods were the ones commenting all the photos and whatnot, because you actually know something new has been released when you see the thread pop up, and you don’t have to worry about a bunch of people arguing about nonsense.


What’s worse, is for every off-topic post, there’s 5 people telling that person to not go off topic, which only makes it worse. Just flag the post and move on.


It all boils down to the maturity of some members…

You can tell who the enablers and problem causers are, and who the relievers are. Honestly, there will not be an end to off topic conversation and arguments unless you can change people. And people don’t change easily.

You can ask for peace all you want, but you won’t be able to change people (especially younger ones) and their habits. You’ve seen topics like this about TS1, but TS1 has not changed. Only staff members can do something about it.


Yes, that is true. I see that too many times. That’s why we have a Flag Feature :)


Precisely. It’s like telling a noisy kid at school to shut up, but you’re just adding to the noise.


Honestly, there are more “stop going off-topic” comments than off-topic comments.


I agree it is true :(

That is the unfortunate truth.

While I don’t have the ability to change people, I can at least make them aware of issues that are being caused, and what we can do about it

Because everyone wants to be the hero… if you wanna be a hero, flag off topic comments, don’t reply, and let moderators deal with it.


You’re completely right… Unfortunately

If there are off topic comments don’t comment how there off topic just flag them as mods have said before. The people trying to stop it by commenting are half the problem.

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So, #announcements. I don’t understand why there is a need for a first come first serve gotcha community produced stream of teasers. Just follow them on twitter and Instagram like I do.

OMG I totally relate with this, I may have caused the closure of the topic because I flagged many people’s off topic posts, sorry!

I don’t think there is a need for it tbh. Everyone here should be mature and old enough to control themselves… If we can’t do that, then…

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Welll, looks like the “heroes” most likely ruined all future tracking threads.


Well, that was fast. I’m not surpised actually

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I want to take full blame for this,
when someone just posts something off topic (speculation about release dates) it is just so tempting the reply back just to tell them to stop after they did not listen even after you pm’ed them and flagged them.
It caused a chain reaction of posts that are totally useless.
Also in this thread:

Some users are probably posting useless and off topic posts because they are new and have not read the guidlines.
I also want you guys to know that I am really sorry 😔