Problems with aircraft and scenery

Hello. On my approach to MMPR a few minutes ago, the cockpit on my plane disappeared and the external camera would show the aircraft way below me. The cockpit camera was also angled down so that it looked like I was going way too steep but really my VS was only at -700 or so. I couldn’t see the airport at all and I had to log out right before I was going to land because I couldn’t see the runway or anything. I spent 2 and a half hours of my time just to not be able to land. If this is a scenery cache problem, we need to have an option to clear the scenery cache while in flight. I’m frustrated right now and it was scary for me because I thought I was going to crash. Also, IFAssistant stopped working so it wouldn’t give me callouts. If there is any way to solve this problem, please let me know so this doesn’t happen in the future. Thanks!

-Trey Weger

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Hmm, never heard of this one. I would say it is for #support as it is a problem with the sim.

Have you tried restarting your device?

No. I haven’t gotten back into the sim but I wasn’t going to restart my device on approach

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Also, when I left the server, it didn’t show stats or anything it just completely logged out

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Was it a mountainous region? This usually happen when you run into terrain.

I understand. I would spawn in after a restart and see how it is now.

Yes, it was mountainous. I remember the callouts saying too low terrain but it showed me being clear of any conflict so I just kept going. There was nothing that said I crashed and it didn’t show that I crashed but maybe it glitched


You might have run into some terrain then

What does your replay show?

A lot of times you can fly through mountains without a crash registering. This is probably what happened.

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I’m loading in the replay now. When I logged back in, it showed that my subscription ran out so maybe that’s what happened. Don’t worry, I have it till another year now. The replay is stuck loading at 92%

Replay won’t load

This happened again only I was landing at Sydney. On my approach, the runway lights weren’t on and there were no markings on the runway. My callouts said the normal, 50, 40, 30, etc but I was too high for that. I could tell that the plane touched down but it showed that I was still in the air. Also, the cockpit dropped right after the callouts said 10. I’m concerned because this happened before.

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