Problems with account / subscription

I recently had to get a Samsung S8+. My old S8+ I was logged in and had a recurring subscription. When I downloaded the app, I logged in and the app wanted me to log in with either a Facebook or Google account. My account was linked to Google, and when I click to log in, it asks for a subscription. When I click, I’m already a subscriber, it tells me that I still don’t have a subscription. I then checked my subscription on my account through my profile and bank account and the app has a recurring charge and my profile says I’m a subscriber. Furthermore, all my flight time, rating and levels have zeroed out in the app. I have closed the app several times, logged out and then back in but my account is zeroed and it won’t recognize my subscription.

Hello make sure you have the latest version of infinite flight downloaded

You are most likely signing in with the wrong account if that’s the case. That’s the usual cause for zero stats.

I am running the current version and I had only 1 account through google.

Could you please check your grade table in Infinite Flight and maybe provide a picture?

If it shows 0 XP or 0h flight time (as our fellow schyllberg already said), you’re logged in with a wrong account. We should rule that out before I go to the garden shed to get shovel so we can start digging deeper into the soil under which the solution to that problem can be eventually found.