Problems while landing

After the recent post by Tyler , saying not to address minor issues, i flew with this problem ,yet this problem while landing still persists and is very irritating

Issue: generally in high terrain regions while I am mostly on final my plane slitters and it can be seen that though I am coming down the glideslope nice and slow yet when I see altitude (AGL) it shows 0 …and that is when I crash about 100-400 feet. This has happened to me almost 3-4 times…and I I am not able to land

I’m sorry at this moment I cannot clip a picture. As soon as I am able I will.

Have tried rebooting and reinstalling the app

Device: Lenovo Vibe K5 (98% won’t know it)
Don’t know exactly the GL version but I was able to update so it does support it.

Edit: screenshot

Seconds later It was like I’m crashing and almost like grinding the surface until I put full throttle and full flaps to recover and ascend

Any specific airports or just any high altitude airport? Are you sure it’s not just an illusion and you’re actually too low on approach?

High terrain airport.
I was perfectly on the glideslope.

In that case I’m not sure - I’ll try to help when you get your picture up.

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Its likely that your issue is related to this:

What airport were you trying to land at?

I was thinking that but I don’t think that’s the issue - do you think he accidentally crashed into the mountain because he could see the airport?

Unfortunately, its happened to me more times than I’d care to share. 😅

Nope it is not such. I have added the screenshot , have a look

I also had this issue when I made a flight from EBBR to Marseille. Nicely on the glide and on touchdown the aircraft (b737-700) sank through the runway way down to - 4000ft. Was on expert server. Device Samsung tab s2 Android 7.0, gl es 3.2, 1,5 Gb free ram.

Your connection is red - could that be a problem?

@Stef_Smet , was that at ZUGU, by any chance?

Ok, so this may have to do with the glideslope being at a 3 degree slope compared to the 6 degree+ that it would be in real life. I’m not sure if the navigation editors would be able to adjust the glide slope or if that’s something the developers would mess with but that’s likely the issue.

Other than that, the work around is to come in a bit higher in areas with terrain and lower visibility until things like this are addressed at a later time.

Nope, it has happened when online as well

I had read somewhere that the recommended is just 3.2 , 6 degrees , isn’t that too much?

It is 6 degrees for KASE


And no have not crashed into the mountains. It was when i was ascending over the mountains, I could see the airport ahead of me through the mountains

So it is related… I’m not understanding how it can be related and unrelated at the same time. 🤔

What im saying is that i can see airports through the mountains in front and back of my plane.

Yes. And right now that’s a known issue. That’s all that I was saying. The devs are aware of it.

yes, sorry for the confusion

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