Problems while landing any aircraft in the 737 or A320 family

Hey guys.
Whenever i am trying to land an a320 or a 737 i always face the same problem. As soon as the mains touch the ground the nose suddenly comes crashing without the use to brakes or reverse thrust. This really spoils the fun of landing for me. Is there any way to correct this? Any technique?

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Do you do the flare when you land?

One reason that this could be happening is that you aren’t holding back pressure on your yoke, so you aren’t holding the nose up enough.

You could also not have enough airspeed. Which speed are you landing at? Would you say that your landings are pretty soft?

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Do you use the rudder?

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I think this has been a known issue, at least with the a320 variants. It have something to do with the spoilers when they deploy when the main gear touches down. Its not a real life procedure, but land without arming the spoilers. At least it would solve the nose gear slamming. Is what I do. I hope it helps.

Yes… landing is not a landing if there is no flare…even when the ias is perfect and the vs is a smooth 400

Sure…will try that

Only when battling winds

Whoa! I’m not paying the bill for the passengers’ neck surgeries! 🏥 🚑

A really smooth landing is at or below -100 fpm 😉

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Anything below 400 is a normal landing lol
I’ve heard that above 600 or 800 is a hard landing, but the actual standard is 2.1G and that’s not measured in IF.

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Huh. Interesting. Also, there actually is a G-Force instrument. 👍

I know there is, but it’s probably not reflective of real life tire suspension and you can’t see it on replay so…

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I’ve had this problem, I just pull back as hard as I can when the main wheels touch down and that usually works

As far as i know…normal aircraft land at about 700fpm…hard is greater than that

-100fpm is practically impossible

Whoa. That is crazy.

If every plane landed like that constantly, we’d need a lot more aircraft mechanics 😅

With practice, it is certainly not impossible.

(Not bragging), but I usually land at around -150 to -100 fpm. With the right practice, you can achieve anything.

What I do right before touchdown is at 30 feet, I bring throttle to idle, and at 20 feet, I begin my flare (don’t do it way too hard or way too slow. Again, practice makes perfect).


That Not true

Tbh, I usually land around 30fpm

Wait…can u send a playback??

I’ve noticed this a bit myself… Not so much with the 320 but sometimes even if I nail the landing the forward gear comes down faster then usual. However soon as I touch down I tend to apply more back pressure than usual, try that.

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