Problems viewing shared replays

Hey, I’m having problems viewing replays on my Samsung Galaxy S5e. I can get to the point where I open it with infinite flight but when IF opens it either just stays a black screen or opens to the main menu and nothing happens. I’ve checked my logbook and replays and it doesn’t show up.

Any help is appreciated,

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I know this is not a help, but it could be that IF is getting too much for a Samsung Galaxy S5. Try restarting the app, or your phone

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If you mean IF is too much I don’t think it is, it runs all the reworked aircraft perfectly at max graphics. I’ll try restarting my tablet.

Sometimes there can be a case where a replay can be corrupted by connection issues or whatnot. The developers have found scenarios where this can happen and will be pushed out in 20.3.

In the mean time make sure you have a strong network connection and reboot. If it happens on some but not the others and others you share it with too have the same thing it is most likely corrupted with no way to restore it.

If you share it with others and they can load it then it is most likely something with your device or network.

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Thank you mate, its appreciated let’s hope it gets fixed in 20.3 🙏

Thanks again!

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