Problems using the Joystick

So i have recently started using the Logitech extreme 3d pro joystick from my old pc setup but am having trouble actually using it in the simulator. So here are some of my question and issues.

  1. How do I select the joystick? I can see that the joystick is available in the " available devices " selection but I cannot select it. I can only select it when I click on restore defaults but when I do that it removes all my previous custom commands and I have to remap all the buttons again. Is there a way to select the joystick without having to restore all the commands?

  2. Can I unplug during the flight and plug the joystick back in during the flight? I did a 11 hour flight yesterday and had to keep my phone charged and plugged in overnight so i unplugged the joystick since my adapter only has one USB A output and when I went to plug it back in in the morning to land it didn’t recognize the joystick at all. Is there a way to reconnect the joystick without having to exit the flight?

Also just a quick feature suggestion or request: Is it possible to reverse the camera movement because right now on my joystick when I click to the right to look to the right it looks to the left.

I have tried live flight connect but I just cant seem to get it to connect to my infinite flight.

Any help would me much appreciated. Thank you!

Make sure you are following these steps

Live flight connect is on your computer
Infinite Flight Connect is ON in your settings for IF
You have a joystick (duh)

Open Live Flight Connect
Plug in USB of joystick into your computer
Open IF

I assumed you already know this

Go to your control settings, and set joystick as default for your control, instead of device tilt

And yes you can unplug your joystick mid flight, just make sure it is 100% connected again before you land, to make sure, go to control, and move around your joystick, and there you can see if it is connected

That should do it!

do not forget to hit SOLUTION if this works :)

for some reason when I am not in a flight it does work. So if I unplug the joystick it automatically changes to the tilt controls but whenever I am loaded in at a gate it doesn’t seem to work. If I start the flight with the joystick plugged in and then unplug it it just freezes and nothing works anymore. The tilt doesn’t work and also the joystick doesn’t work when plugged back in.

I am using all this without Live Flight Connect since for me it just keeps loading and never seems to connect,

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Actually nevermind I just connected to Live Flight Connect for the first time and am trying to figure things out.

Thank you for your help!

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