Problems using planes offline.

So, I bought some IAP aircraft, yet I can’t access them unless I have an Internet connection when I open the game. When I get on an airplane, I guess I just have to have the game open the whole time, so it downloads all the planes, then I switch to airplane mode and leave the game open I guess. Rip

You have to wait for it to download.

This is known issue. It helps to keep your device in airplane mode and restart if

What is “IAP”

In App Purchase

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Nope, still doesn’t work.

That’s wierd. When I want to fly offline like during a flight. I quit if and go into airplane mode and restart it. But you can’t fly the same plane u were last time because the download. It’s really annoying lol

The reply by Lerno1 made me able for it to work.

There is a way to use purchased aircraft and regions without Internet. When you do have Internet, hit restore purchases and next time you play offline you should be a able to use IAPs

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