Problems that I faced today

Today, I was flying my F-22 from KLAX to KLSV on Training Server and there was some problems:

1st problem I faced was their were no Departure frequency so I contacted Approach frequency. Once I contacted them, then I got a heading and they vector me off course. When I saw that Departure was available, I contact it and give me to proceed on course.

2nd problem I saw was American 212 spinning on the map. I don’t know what happen to that aircraft. I was then contacted by Joshua Approach. Here is the picture:

3rd problem: I was descending to 11000ft and the ATC told me to expect deivation from flight plan. I refuse to listen to that and the ATC told me to cancelled flight plan for not following instructions. Then, he keep repeating me to descend to 11000ft through, I am descending in autopilot mode. It was @denversky who was in this controller. After that, he sayed “Avoid sending duplicate messages” when I reply to descend to 11000ft. Here is the picture:

After the third problem, I landed in my destination at runway 03L without instructions to avoid that frustration.

Was this on expert or training server

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Look at my description. It was Training.

Then I am afraid that there is nothing you can do about it

Training server. Nothing you can do about it. It’s there for training and sometimes trolling takes place. For a good experience start flying on expert.

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If you would like some more professional Air Traffic Controllers, you should join expert, way more professional pilots and controllers. As for that American Airlines Aircraft, it probably is doing Initial D with a plane, or spiraling down into the earth’s core (yes, you can do that in this game.) The training server is known for being filled with inexperienced pilots, controllers, 7 year olds thinking planes take off at 500mph, that one guy in your class that says he can land and Airbus 747 on an Aircraft carrier, and so on. This is why most of the community flies in expert.

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Well he probaly told you to deviate from your FPL due to him having traffic coming in. So your very wrong in this situation. Many people probaly are training and he probaly knows what hes doing. It doesnt matter if your descending via your FPL what he says has to go escpially if you go to the Expert Server

This just shows that you are a reckless pilot that shouldn’t be on the Expert Server because of the way your acting towards ATC. Even of you get frustrated no reason to land without permission

He may have had a connection problem or a pilot that lost control and spun out of control but that’ll happen on TS1 sometimes so nothing to worry as pilots are still learning

Approach was probaly wrong to give you that if there are no aircraft around but they are also learning so you probaly got to give them some slack


I was also vectored and with a heading as well as altitude on Expert server in London and was not given adequate time to descend and then was prompted to read ATC instructions and then told I would be ghosted so I quit to hell with that

Oh and the vector put me way off course in the north of both 2 7 left and right.
I had airport in sight and requested frequency changes long was tonight I was on iOS had everything went correctly

If you have a problem with a controller on expert, send it to him/her via PM.

Yeah sorry that you had a bad experience but tbh welcome to the training server. The city of stalling a340s, KNUC, and the worst vectoring possible by approach frequencies.

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