Problems redownloading the app

Hi. A few weeks ago I tried updating IF. It told me I had to verify my payment type. I decided to delete the app and try again. Before I could complete the redownload, it asked me the same thing. I was finally able to deal with it thanks to my parents. But then, it asked me to pay $5 like it was my first time even purchasing the app? What happened? All the other times I redownloaded the app, no problem. Why is it happening?

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Could you tell us which store you have the app downloaded from as in Google Play or Apple Store?

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Yes. I got it from the AppStore on my IPad Pro

This happened to me before. If you tried to pay but the payment got declined (currently, not the time you paid for it) wait like a week or 2.

It’s been over a month

Are you sure the device is signed into the same Apple-ID as used when originally purchasing the app?

Yes I bought the app originally with the same Apple ID

If that’s the case, you will need to reach out to Apple for further assistance.
There’s no way for us to check billing details with Apple I’m afraid. They keep that info very close to the chest :/

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