Problems of the connection

At the entrance to the multiplayer, writes “Account Not Found” . What to do?

Restart your device and Infinite Flight. You should be good from there.

Thank you for contacting support!

If you have the latest version of Infinite Flight installed from Google Play Store, Amazon, or iTunes, you can select one of two Live subscription options. With a Live subscription you will gain instant access to a community-driven online multiplayer experience with Live Air Traffic Controllers, real-time weather, realistic flight planning, and much much more!

Monthly - $4.99

Annually- $49.99
The annual subscription comes with all IAP unlocked, including any newly added content during the valid annual subscription period. All items not purchased separately prior to beginning your annual subscription will return to being locked once the subscription expires or is canceled.

We encourage new and renewing subscribers to purchase and set up their subscriptions to Live from us directly at Select Log In, enter your credentials, and purchase with ease!

Android and Amazon:

You will need a valid Facebook or Google Plus account to use for signing up to live. Either subscription can be used on any supported device as long as it is not being signed in by more than one user. Google Play and Amazon Store customers can now purchase a subscription with a redeem card and store account balances. The subscriptions will automatically renew, but can be cancelled from your Play store at the Infinite Flight app page.


iTunes customers can use redeem cards or account credits without a credit card to purchase a Live Subscription. iTunes customers will not renew automatically and are prompted to accept or decline renewals upon subscription expiration.


I tried all this, it does not help

Do you have an active live subscription?

The fact of the matter is that I can not purchase a subscription. When you log in to accounts, the account is not found.

I used to play the hacked game. And also tried to enter the multiplayer. Maybe because of this?

It’s surrely why !

The version is different.

They cannot help you with anything if your Device is modified or jailbroken… Its highly recommended that no one modifies their device which can cause many problems that the Support Staff cannot help with…

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Why would you hack it… like… ughh 🤦🏻‍♂️ At least support the developers


This normally means he doesn’t anymore.
Let’s try to help him instead of discussing what he used to do, as have many others in here.

But, i’d recommend you deleting IF completely from your device and try again with the proper version ofc.

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I kind of completely deleted the game from the phone, but it did not work …

Hooray, finally solved the problem. I just turned on Mobile Data and tried it. It worked!! Thanks to all those who helped.

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