Problem's of the conection

you can solve this connection problem if you please … !!! you are either playing or giving an explanation or anything the moderator arrives and closes the topic as if he were saying now unravel you. . .

I already uninstalled the game but the “airspace status” continues with the message “Loading”. . . because said when I enter the game 2 in 2 minutes the game disconnects after a few seconds back to connect. . . enough to disrupt my flight … I was grateful that a responsible person came forward … !!! because it is a problem with life is paid to play it … !!! thank you…!!!

A lot of people have posted about this issue. It has been made aware of.

As posted before, it’s a known issue.

Just because your other post has been closed doesn’t entitle you to another post… it will be sorted don’t worry

are you dealing with the fix of the problem then …?

You have posted about this 3 times.

No I’m not. I’m just saying people are aware of the problems. And please don’t make duplicate topics right after your old one was closed.

There are 10+ other posts saying there’s an issue, with each letting us know it will be fixed.

Patience young one

Just sit tight and have patience. A support member will get with you momentarily. Theres no need to panic.

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Please post this in the #support category thanks :)


It is in the support category.

you have a very nice lie to treat the users of the game. . . I hope this is resolved as soon as possible. . .