Problem's of the APPR

I have noticed that Appr is not commanding the HDG and only Glider Slope …
I would like other users here in the community to make this experience …
thank you…!!!

What aircraft are you using?

What device, software and release number is it?

These topics may be helpful -


Just for Info, mine works well so it isn’t a general problem sir.

If you only drive in the regions of the United States, it’s quiet … Because at these airports I never had a problem …
Now try flying with the A-320 to LPPT, LPMA, LPMD … And no, not the only one to report this problem.
And then say something thank you … !!!

My aircraft is: Airbus 320 family…
Os my phone is.
Hiesense L695 processador: octacore
Ram: 2Gb and 16gb espace…
O global roude fine…!!!

I understand English probably isn’t your primary language. However it’s very hard to make sense of what you are saying to help you.

  • Have you read and watched the tutorials?
  • Is the ILS approach selected properly?
  • Does it only do this when Heading or Nabigation is selected?
  • Take us thru step by step of how you are using APPR
  1. Aircraft
  2. Speed
  3. ILS approach selected
  4. Are you on the localizer prior to selecting APPR
  5. What attitude are you at when selecting APPR
  6. Any other relative information

This will help us in determining your error in using the APPR function.

Excuse…!!! I thought that Google transludor translated … that’s because google chrome translated aitomatically when I published so I did not realize …

  • yes I saw the tutorial and I had already accompanied many others in Portuguese always worked well … I wonder if not for lack of fixed on the landing ramp …
  • ILS is well selected by both ICAO and RNW.
  • when I select the APPR it keeps the Glider Slope but it diverts the locator …
    I’ll explain step as you asked.
    -Use the Airbus 319/20/21
    -Rapidity- <210 kts
  • ILS / GPS approach
  • Yes I am in the Localizer but the APPR removes it.
    Altitude- 4000ft
    "It does not happen often in A-319.
  • more promenores … !!!
    In the US (Southern California) which is where I was flying before the global mode this never happens …
    thank you for the patience…!!!

Can you take a video of what is happening? Remember you cant be too far off when you press the APPR button. You cant expect it to do a 180 turn for you.

Make sure you speed is lower too. 210 might be a tad fast.

I also know that it can not be more than 40 ° of track axis difference …
I already sent you a video … !!!
I’ll get it on you tube …

I’m sorry I don’t see a video in the threads above. Please put it online and post a link.

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Infinity Fligth Problema com o APPR nos A320:

Thanks. Can you do a new video, that video did not appear to show much? Without the HUD view we cannot tell what airport was selected. Is APPR even selected? Remember that the button has both NAV and APPR. Seeing your altitude is remaining the same makes me think something is off.

Take off, circle back around, and start recording before you turn on APPR. Stay on the HUD view so we can see everything.

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I am contacting you about the problem of appr that this must be the hundredth time I talk about it … instead of walking the turns should try to correct the problems …
here is a new video … landing in Lisbon … remembering that in Londrea it went well … hi be the problem is in the new airports … and the axis of Lisbon 03 is 26 °. I know the magnetic north several … but moment is 26 ° and this 1st is what is making the difference … notice that the locator is centered, but it centered at 25 ° not at 26 ° as then corrected deactivating the APPR … do not walk the turns correct the problems if you please … !!!
thank you…!!!

Your video doesn’t work. There is also absolutely no reason to get lippy with the people trying to help you.

I shared it on google drive so I did not post it on you tube … but I did not realize … !!!
Well, there’s no reason to help me …
This is a stand, is not it?

I’m not sure what the problem is you are having. Here is a video I just made at LPPT the airport you are at runway 03. Boeing 737 BBJ short final.

Notes for APPR:

  • You need to be established on the localizer and glide slope prior to selecting APPR. Unless you are at a 30 deg intercept to the localizer on the glide slope with the CDI need moving toward center.

  • The heading liated will not necessarily be the heading you need to fly to maintain the localizer. This depends a lot on wind.

  • As mentioned before please have a look Here for how to use APPR appropriately.

This is definitely pilot error, please read the tutorials listed and practice. I’ll also suggest The pilot tutorial guide

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My problem’s os APPR