Problems logging in

A friend lent me his Infinite Flight account, but when he started the game he wouldn’t let me, he said he didn’t have a subscription.

Please help.

If you are new, playing infinite flight on multiplayer, unlocking all aircraft, and flying global requires a subscription to access these features

USE YOUR OWN MONEY TO PAY ON YOUR OWN ACCOUNT if you are trying to get your friend to pay for your use unless it is a gift may be called extortion.

I have an account, but I am in grade 2 because it is an error, he is in grade 4, for this reason he is lending me his account

That means when you press




you are asked to pay a subscription, you will see 3 options, 1 month, 6 months and 1 year. Choose 1 and the features in the quote above will be granted to you for the period of time you chose to select and pay.

Account sharing is a violation of the Terms of Service and support for that can not be provided.