Problems loading an image/picture

I can’t load an image/picture

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Could you explain a bit more on this? What is the issue like? and is it on IFC?

the issue IS in the IFC, I was gonna show a drawing I made in a topic (which was suggesting an aircraft and drawing it) and when I was gonna show the image, it would take too long to show it, and also I tried to change my profile picture but it wouldn’t load.

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But how though?

You can try by clearing your browser cache. Are you on mobile or PC?

I am on mobile.

Hey @United_25!

Is this image coming directly from your camera roll or as a file?

As a file @Collins4486

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By any chance are you able to screenshot it and upload it through your camera roll?

I tried but no

So it’s still taking awhile to upload correct?

that is true so correct

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Try this:

If it worked for one person it might work for you :)

It still doesn’t work :(

Which format is the file in? I would recommend JPG or PNG if it isn’t already in those. Also, what file size does the photo have?

I… don’t know

Is anyone gonna still help how to fix it?

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Did you try what I mentioned in the DM?

I got confused, sorry

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