Problems Landing Manually

So on final to RWY07L @ LEBL in a 34% load 787-9 I smoothly intercepted LOC about 15nm out and the glideslope at 3000 ft AAL. The autopilot has a difficult time maintaining the ILS path as the crosswinds are pretty strong (~22 kts from the front-right all the way to 200 ft), so at about 700 ft to the threshold and fully configured (flaps 30, IAS: 138 kts, gear down, spoilers armed, trim +50% bc thats what it took to get rid of the pink bar) I attempt to disengage autopilot settings one by one (first vertical speed, then HDG, then SPD, and finally I attempt to disengage APPR all together about 150 ft AAL (by tapping “APPR”… My plane rockets upwards for about 10 sec till I finally regain control ~1600 ft.
thing is I calibrated just before disengaging everything, and my v/s was disengaged prior to deactivating entire APPR…how do I properly prevent my plane from losing the path immediately after autopilot disengaged? Same thing happens if I disengage entire APPR in one step. I suddenly lose control. Should I not use APPR and try to use autopilot inputs to follow the ILS path to a certain point? or should calibration just before disengagement work well and Im just somehow doing it wrong? lol

oh and I realize it’s a somewhat late A/P deactivation but the instability happens whenever I take control

The calibration just before disengagement should work. I don’t know if this will solve anything, but I always disengage the altitude autopilot instead of tapping the APPR button (it does the same thing) and I have never dealt with a case that extreme before.

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oh so tapping just ALT (to deactivate it) would bring you out of APPR as a whole too?

I usually calibrate right before disengagement and I disengage autopilot all at once. Did u have your trim set maybe that could’ve caused it? (It’s happened to me before too)

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yep I had trim set to +50% lol

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I’m like 99% sure on that yes.

Could be part of it but the 787 isn’t super susceptible to trim faults

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My two cents: calibration works if trim bar does not show a correction (purple bit). Need to trim, the calibrate, the desactivate AP.

Then that was probably the problem. I think +50 is a bit too much and if u want to have that much trim you should be ready to push down.

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