Problems in the new 19.4 update

After almost a week of flying after the new 19.4 update I ran into some problems. I will try to list all of the problems bellow.
1, Stuttering.
Before the update I had no stutters on my sim. The sim ran really smooth with out any problems. But after the update my sim started stuttering a lot when scenery is getting loaded in. This maybe because my device has music 2G of RAM but 2G of ram should be more then enough to run IF because it did before the update. Using: Samsung galaxy tab a 2019 with 36G of storage and 2G of RAM.

2, Plane is to big.
When I tried to spawn in with a Embraer 190 of KLM on the remote stand at EHAM I couldn’t because I got the plane is to big sign. Before the update I could spawn in on the remote stand with the whole Embraer family on IF. And on real life the remote apron at EHAM is specially made for the KLM cityhoppers Embrear fleet.

3, Cant get the glide slope on a GPS arrival.
When I came in for a landing at Gibraltar airport I couldn’t set the NAV1 on any of the runways because they didn’t have a ILS. Because of this I couldn’t see the glide. So I had to rely on the PAPI lights which didn’t work out. I have had a look and there are a lot of airport that I fly to really often that have runways with no ILS . So because I cant get a glide on these runways I cant see if I am to high or low. Which means that I cant fly to these airports because of this problem.


Screenshot_20191215-223251|830x518 !


I hope that all these problems can be fixed as soon as possible.

This was removed deliberately

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Try restarting your device for #1.
#2 I heard it is being looked into by IFAET
#3 Read above comment.

Take a look at this… it might help:

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So the problem with the GPS won’t be changed?

For this issue, the Airport Editing Team is in talks with the developers to reduce the strictness of the restrictions for some airplanes.

No, it will not, it’s simply to add realism

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Its not a problem, that how GPS works IRL. You are typically not provided with vertical guidance on GPS approaches and instead you are provided with lateral guidance using waypoints and bench marks for altitude. Take a look at pages 9/10 on the charts. That is what a proper GPS approach is. It was incorrectly represented in IF before.


So I won’t be able to see if I am to high or to low on arrival onto a GPS airport. Well that is really going to be a big problem.

Oh so real pilots don’t get it either?

Of course, its the same as in real life

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Oh then I got all the answers on m questions. I am really thankful and amazed with the quick replies. Thank you all for the help!