Problems in ATC and app crashes

So I keep on getting disconnected while in ATC. I had this problem repeatedly and I am still able to stay in the ATC, the planes just disappear and appear again constantly. Before they even load they are lost again. It keeps on happening until I disconnect from the ATC and try to join again and that’s when the app crashes. I own a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 with Android 12 and my WIFI is very stable. I can fly with no problems and use it for other activities as well, just not ATC.

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First welcome to the community;), if you were in Training Server, it’s a known problem that has come in these last days… i also have the problem. The devs are working on that and i think the server needs a restart.

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Thank you for the kind message and the explanation! :)

You welcome😁, see ye in the skies

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