Problems Connecting

Hi folks is any1 else having problems connecting to the servers.

No, not at all. Are you sure that you have strong connection?

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API server was showing yellow for a bit, was a problem for ATC too. Might be your problem…

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I had an issue connecting for a moment. I restarted my device and was able to connect.

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The entire server just shut down, I am unable to reconnect. My WiFi is just fine. The ATC said 'Server restart will start in approximately 1 minutes." Could that explain your trouble?

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Yes I got disconnected too my WiFi is fine

The users issue was 1hr ago. The server restart was something we did just now. Not related :)


Seemed to sort itself within about 30 minutes must have just been a small issue.

You can’t connect to Live or u can’t Fly solo?

Hey right now I am facing the problem of not being able to connect to the servers

Same here ^

Same issue here on my end WiFi is excellent here and have restarted numerous times

Yes, same here. I’ve got problems connecting to the server, be it on Live or Solo mode. Everything else is loading just fine (i.e. wifi connection is good).

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