Problems connecting joystick

Hello all! I recently bought Logitech extreme 3D pro joystick and a USB hub. I was so happy to have a joystick for my first time but when I plugged all into the USB hub and opened IF my joystick is not being recognized and I don’t know why as they keyboard is recognized. As the keyboard is recognized I’m sure is not a hub problem or a phone problem. I would like someone to help me with this please. I have followed all instructions on Laura’s post and still not working

Try using it without a USB hub. A USB Hub has given me problems in the past.

And how do I connect the phone to the joystick?

Are you plugging it directly to your phone, or are you plugging it into your PC?

No, I have a USB hub where I connect keyboard, mouse and joystick. Then I connect the hub to my phone via micro usb

Ah ok. Try just plugging in the joystick, with no mouse or keyboard and see if it works.

I’ve tried and didn’t work

Ok. I don’t know what else to do for you then. Maybe one of the staff or moderators can help. Good luck!

Okay, thank you, can any of the staff help me with this please?


First of all what device are you on?
If you’re on Android then follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings->Developer Options (If you haven’t enabled developer options yet then go into Software Information and scroll down to build number. Tap on that and it should be enabled)

  2. Once in Developer Options scroll down to USB debugging then enable it.

  3. Go back into Infinite Flight (Make sure to restart the app beforehand) and connect your joystick.

  4. In Infinite Flight go to Settings->Controls

  5. Press Yoke/Yaw etc. and it should turn orange.

All done!
Hope this helped.

So liveflight connect does not recognise the joystick, am I correct?

Okay, I will try that

No, it’s not LiveFlight connect as I am not using any computer, instead I! I’m using a USB hub where I connect my joystick and IF does not recognize any extra device

Oh yes I remember you, I can’t help I’m sorry. Contact Cameron if you haven’t.

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