Problems at YSSY

Hi, sorry for the first one
Now, here I’m talking about the problems at YSSY, here are some of my point.

Thank you for being attention : )


The taxiways are supposed to be like that. Also, please include where in the airport this is.


Is it? I don’t know, it just doesn’t seems right… Flag me if it’s inappropriate…

It’s not inappropriate, just not all taxi lines are straight.

@Qantas_ryan Next time check the satelitte imagery before complaining. This is how it is IRL when I look at apple maps.

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Also, Henrik mentioned that the tower viewpoint will be fixed in the next update. Which was fixed


Dang I forgot to get my ruler out for that airport to make sure the lines are straight!

Seriously I think I spent 20+ hours on that airport faithfully/meticulously tracing over the satellite image. You wouldn’t believe how much time goes into editing these airports.

The airport editing team does a fantastic job. You should see (1) how bad some of these airports are when we first get them and (2) how bad some of the satellite images are.

This airport was shared between Henrik and myself. We had to literally cut and paste 10 different aerial views and realign them for scale. Not every airport has a complete image therefore we have to scavenge what is available. I had this exact problem recently doing the EBBR refresh. The standard image is circa 2008 and the building areas to the north were distorted. Although we have a tool to help us we can only source satellite from Microsoft/Bing. Google has some great imaging but we CANNOT use it directly. When we do it is painstaking piecing together and adjusting.


Do you want a bunch of rectangles and a runway for an airport?

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Yes please. Cut and paste.


The tower view hasn’t been fix…

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