Problems at London Heathrow Airport!

Hello Dear Infinite flight!

Tonight, around one o’clock, I was supposed to have a flight from London (heathrow) to Mexico. (Flight: AM8) I believe that I have performed all the operations that were necessary. Waiting for permission to take off I stood quite a long time as the airport was overloaded. Then the tower closed and I decided to continue to perform operations on my own.

PLEASE HELP ME‼️‼️It’s very important to me‼️

From the front of me the planes took off and everything was fine and the moderator decided to make me a ghost. I am very sorry that I waited, did everything right, but after what I wrote above… I didn’t even know the moderator could make me a ghost, I thought only the dispatcher could do it. But the tower was closed and I performed the operation on my own. Now I have to wait about a year for me to have grade 3, 7 days, and 24 hours.


Oleg Kaminets

Please look in your logbook to find the name of the person that ghosted you.

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Also the logbook should show the reason as well

I sent the photo, waiting for permission

Please send a message to @DeerCrusher to discuss the report further.


Thank you!

I still haven’t been given an answer.)))

Wait for him to respond as he may be busy. I hope you get the necessary assistance.

Ok thank you

Hello! How long do I have to wait to get back to Expert Server?

Looking to your grade table, it’ll be one year since you got your first report. Deer can’t explain everything through PM. He’d be more helpful than I am as he was the one who ghosted you.

Thank you so much!

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