Problema with APPR

Hello everyone, I am having problems with the appr, I know that when I activate it and before touching the track, the nose of the nose rises and then falls, but in the last two flights I had they do not respond to me, and just before touching the track the plane gets out of control and goes up and finally falls, does anyone help me?

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This happens with me when I use it and it’s an autopilot issue IF needs to fix. When it touches the “track” (localizer) you’ll see the autopilot tries to stay level with the green diamond to make sure it gets the right glide slope.

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A video showing what you are experiencing would be helpful along with what plane you are in.

Too fast/slow speed can make it hard for APPR to keep up sometimes. It also depends on when APPR is enabled to give it a chance to stabilize.


This time it was a few seconds before I hit the track and the nose of my nose went completely up, and everything was fine, VS, normal altitude and normal speed. I don’t think the wind is involved in that or do I?

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