Problema com a minha conta

I paid for the subscription and I am not able to play online with my account, what could have happened…?

What happens when you try to start a session online?

I click on getpro it says I already have the subscription active, but the getpro button remains visible

What happens when you see this:

If you already have an account, tap “I already have an account” in the bottom right hand corner of the screen

Have you tapped I already have an account?

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Try fully restarting your device or re-download the app.

I managed to log in but I’m not sure if this is my account I’m on grade 1 and I don’t have access to the flights I took two months ago

Your account was last used Online in January which is why you’re Grade 1.
Your most recent subscription did however end up on a default account, so I’ve now transferred it to your main account. You should see that now if you restart the app.


thanks friend… one more landing and back to grid 2. .

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