I have a question here … I have a problem here where I can not play solo … anyone knows and can help me?

You need an internet connection to play solo

You have to use support category for questions 😉

Could you give more details? Device Brand and Model, OS Version and IF Version? What you have tried (out of these)?

  1. Restart IF
  2. Restart the Device
  3. Do an Internet Speed Test
  4. Restart the Router
  5. Delete and Reinstall IF


If you do not have Infinite Flight pro, it is
9.99 / Month
49.99 / 6 Months
79.99 / 12 Months
Note: these are all in USD and the price per month naturally drops as you buy more subscription.

Without Infinite Flight Pro, you are limited to certain regions, such as:

Southern Cali
San Fran
Chicago / Oshkosh
South Flordia
New York
London / Paris / Amsterdam
Note: London, Paris, and Amsterdam, as well as Chicago and Oshkosh, may be flown across the region border to load the next region.

The region borders should show if you are not on IF PRO.

If you do have IF PRO, you can fly anywhere in the world ;) It is totally worth it.

You should be able to play solo, however limited to certain regions.

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